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Baby, it’s cold outside! Prep your Snohomish, Skagit & Whatcom homes for Winter.


Baby, it’s cold outside! Prep your Snohomish, Skagit & Whatcom homes for Winter.

Here are some tips to get you started:


  • Prepare Your Heating System — Schedule a professional checkup and cleaning of your home’s heating system soon before it goes into high usage. While you’re at it, switch the direction of ceiling fans throughout your house to rotate clockwise. This helps push the warm air trapped by your ceilings downward, saving on energy costs.
  • Look for Leaks — Check all doors, windows, attic hatches, external vents and electrical outlets for air leaks, and add caulk, weather stripping and insulation to prevent warm air from escaping. Don’t forget to inspect the roof and replace any loose or damaged shingles. And while you are on a ladder, do a final cleaning of your gutters now that most leaves have fallen.
  • Check Fire Safety Equipment — Test and/or change the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors Also, inspect fire extinguishers to ensure they’re in good working order. Every year we hear about carbon monoxide poisoning. Not only do the batteries have to be fresh; one has to ensure that the detector is operating correctly. Your life could depend on it.
  • Prepare Plumbing — Turn off and drain outdoor hoses, sprinklers and irrigation systems, and consider picking up faucet covers for outdoor spigots. Protect exposed pipes and plumbing in uninsulated areas with pipe insulation to help deter freezes. It is also a good idea to coil up hoses and store them where it does not freeze. This will prevent the hose from splitting from the cold.
  • Tackle Yardwork — Clear fallen debris from the roof and rain gutters. Now’s also the time to trim branches and remove any dead trees or shrubs. Make sure that any storm drains are kept free of fallen leaves and debris.
  • Update Safety Supplies — Check your emergency preparedness kit and stock your pantry with water and non-perishable food just to be safe. Since it is possible that we could see snow and ice  this winter, stock up on rock salt or sand and make sure a shovel and roof rake are handy. Don’t wait until we have a storm coming. It’s much better to be prepared ahead of time and less stressful too.

And for more tips and information, head to Take Winter By Storm.


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