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Snohomish County Back To School Healthy Tips For Parents

Fall is in the air. School starts soon. Here are my Snohomish County back to school healthy tips for parents.

1. Get Sleep Schedules Back on Track

A good night’s sleep is essential both to healthy growth and to performing up to potential at school. But summertime can wreak havoc on sleep schedules. Parents who have become a little lax about their children’s sleep patterns should start getting their kids back into the swing of things in preparation for school. Read Summer Sleep Tips for Parents for recommendations around parenting and sleep.

2. Menu Plan with Your Kids for Lunch, Dinner & Snacksapples

Of course, children should be encouraged to eat healthy foods throughout the year. That’s because healthy food is vital to children’s development and academic performance. But the start of the school year is a great time to reemphasize the importance of a healthy diet.

Stock your kitchen with healthy foods that your kids like, and talk to children about the importance of menu planning. A busy lifestyle doesn’t mean your kids need unhealthy processed foods, or a hot lunch that can be less than ideal. Healthy, high protein, low sugar options like hummus and vegetables are simultaneously fast, easy and delicious.

3. Get a Sports Physical

Students who plan to participate in athletics of any kind require a sports physical. Sports physicals are less comprehensive than wellness physicals, so if your child hasn’t had a general wellness physical recently, it may be worthwhile to get your child a wellness physical now, and have your child’s physician complete the sports physical form during the wellness physical.

4. Make Sure Your Child has a Backpack That Fits Well

As students progress in age, their textbooks become heavier and heavier. While there is increasing adoption of digital textbooks, many students still have a suite of books that weighs 30 pounds or more. Make sure your child has a backpack that fits well, and that they don’t feel obliged to carry an unsafely heavy load of books. Parents of students with very heavy books should consider getting their children roll backpacks.

5. Talk About Safety

The school year brings with it a host of safety concerns that you should discuss with your child at an age-appropriate level. Topics to address include:

  • Planning for contingencies such as an earthquake that occurs during school hours
  • Talking to your child about “stranger danger” and other facets of safely getting to and from school
  • Bullying—both in-person bullying and cyber-bullying

Remember to try to get your student to have a healthy start to the day by eating a nutritious breakfast before school or pack one they can eat on the way or when they arrive. A good breakfast really is important. Check out these breakfast basics.

And remember, if you are a home buyer or seller, Fall can be a great time to make a move. There is less competition and rates continue to be incredible.

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